WSJ begs for links… but where’s the link love?

We get tips from Carl Bialik at the WSJ all day long here at Weblogs, Inc. I think it’s great the WSJ loves blogs, but I have to wonder why they don’t show that love with TOP LEVEL LINKS out to blogs.

You see, the WSJ wants bloggers to write posts linking to them, but where is the top-level WSJ section where they link to blogs? They’ll tell you that they link to blogs, but it’s a couple of levels deep and it’s not that often.

My proposal to WSJ is create a top level section on WSJ that says “WSJ Blog Tracker” and link to ten posts a day.

Also, Carl why don’t you have your own blog!?!? You really can’t be taken seriously in the blogosphere if you don’t have your own blog!!! 🙂

[Disclaimer: I sold my last company to Dow Jones, the parent company of WSJ]

Name: Carl Bialik
URL:,,sb112726351151246869-32x1vcdl_inwfhzywxjo18tales _20060921,00.html?mod=blogs
ENG Site:

A possible link for Engadget from the Wall Street Journal (I work there):

Walt Mossberg’s The Mossberg Solution: Regardless of how “wireless” communications technology has become, your gadgets only work if the batteries can be recharged. With that in mind, Walt test devices that are specifically designed to work in emergency situations, including new Cellboost products and hand-cranked radios.

Name: Carl Bialik
URL:,,sb112372600885810565-lve__t8ftcj3fzuowpbs_wczg9i _20060811,00.html?mod=blogs
ENG Site:

Possible engadget link from

Once mostly a fad among teens in the U.S., text messaging is growing in popularity among American adults as the U.S. catches up with much of the rest of the world by using text messaging for everything from business to dating.

Shirley Jackson runs a prayer group by cellphone text-messaging. The 25-year-old substance-abuse counselor in Glendale, Calif., sends prayers to her 120 members and organizes them to pray for each other by tapping messages into her Samsung camera phone.
She says running her “wireless ministry” by cellphone is more discreet and efficient than using email. “I can’t carry my computer everywhere, but I can carry my cellphone,” she says.

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