Rafat takes on the WSJ”and he’s right! (wow, two negative WSJ stories in a row.. wake up WSJ!!!)

I love Rafat and I love the fact that he’s not afraid to fight for credit. Some folks would say he’s making to big a deal of it, but this is a pattern.

To my friends at the WSJ: How can you ask the blogosphere to link to you when you’re stealing Rafat’s stories?!

I *highly* recommend that bloggers take a strong stance with MSM media companies that lift stories like this. Sure, you can make a mistake and not credit someone, but when you do it over and over again you’re just beingwellevil.

Keep it up Rafat! Don’t let them beat you down every CEO of every major dotcom company *lives* on your blog. You’re doing an amazing job and the people that matterthe leaders in the online media businessknow you are the one breaking the stories. Stay focused on your game you got them on the ropes!

WSJ Steals our Story, Again[by rafat]: The Wall Street Journal is at it again: stealing our story. The Viacom-iFilm deal, a story we broke on Monday night, has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal, without any credit. This is the second time in the last two months such a thing has happened.

Shame on you, Paul Steiger, Gordon Crovitz and Bill Grueskin (and whoever edits the media section, and writes these stories)…teach yourself and your journalists some ethics on crediting. Your reporter was not up till 2 AM in the night confirming and writing thisI was.

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