Dear Google, Thank you for blog search…

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I knew this day would come (and it was not because of any insider informationno really, I had no idea), but as I’ve been saying on my blog Google and Yahoo will have blog search any day now. Today Google launched the beta of Google Blog Search. It’s not perfect and it’s not feature richbut it’s six weeks away from being perfect. Most importantly, it’s about two months away from being ready to be on the home page of Google right after web and before images.

When Google puts blog search on the home page traffic to blogsall blogswill double or triple. In the case of smaller blogs it might grow 100x.

We’re half way there folks all we need now is for Google to put it on the homepage and blogs will take their seat at the big table: right between the web search and news search. Normal folks will be on the same level as MSM. That is what this about when it comes down to it: equality.

Traditional media has their News search for some time, and everyone is in the main index. However, users will soon be faced with a choice: do I search blogs or MSM. What will you do? The answer is clearly both, but for a long time now this option has not even existed for the public at large. They don’t know about blog search companies like Technorati, only the folks in the blog bubble know what Technorati is.

Tens of millions of folks a day who don’t know what blogs are will flow into the blogosphere the day Google puts blog search on their home page.

Everyone should email larry at and sergey at and thank the for creating blog search and ask them to make it the number two tab on Google. In fact, write a blog post with “Dear Google: Thank you for blog search”

I’m sure if 25 folks do a blog post asking for blog search on the main page of Google it would become a serious topic of discussion at Google.

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