David Gregory makes Scott McClellan look like a weasel (or “Leadership 101: Deal with issues head on”)

This is the most amazing video. It really shows how *not* to be a good leader (or in this case a key member of a leader’s team).

David Gregory asks a very fair and basic question and this weasel tries to turn it around on him saying he’s playing the blame game.

Uhhh are you an adult Scott? This is not a gamethis is a serious business and you guys in the White House work for *us*. If the press asks you a question just answer it like an intelligent human being.

Watch the video:

That kind of video lead to this kind of video:

People want some answers, so give them answersTHAT’S YOUR JOB!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we start a whole left vs. right flame war again let me again remind people that I’m neither republican or democratI pick the best guy for the job and I’ve voted for both parties many times. My point aboveto be very clearis that not having an adult discussion about serious issues is a) not productive and b) makes many people in this country feel like outcasts. Kanye West’s comments are not random, they are how people feeland that’s just sad.

OK, have at it in the comments after watching both videos. Note: Don’t start a flame war in the comments or I’ll just delete them. If you have something intelligent to say go for it, just keep it civil please.

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