Leadership is about details (or “What if Giuliani was President right now?”)

This is just plain unacceptable.

What is happening to our country?! Our major cities are in ruins and the best we can do is well ummm apparently nothing!

No food, no water, no cops people are dying for lack ofwater?! I’m sorry, this is not the country I grew up in and I’ve loved my whole life. How are we letting this happen?! I’m feeling like I should go rent a UHall truck, hit the local Costco and drive to the Big Easy. Why is this so hard?

How difficult is it to get these folks water? Come on spend the money and send the troops in there.

What is the problem?

1. I’m getting the sense that we don’t actually have the troops to send in there. Is our country so spent that we can’t take care of our own?

2. Or are we so broke that maybe the president doesn’t want to spend that much money on this? Is that even possible that he could think that way? I mean, we did have to fight for the aid promised to NYC after 9/11. That just doesn’t seem possible to me.

3. Do we have a lack of leadership in this country? As I said in my last post where they hell is the leadership?!?

Say what you want about Giuliani but that guy is a born leader, and if he was running the show right now he would be down there and would be getting into the details. That’s what leadership is about DETAILS. As a leader you have to obsesses over the details not because you’re going to solve every problem yourself, but because you create a culture of CARING ABOUT THE DETAILS. If the CEO doesn’t care about the details why would anyone else?

One time at Silicon Alley Reporter someone had spilt a huge cup of coffee on the floor at one of our events. No one had cleaned it up and dozens of people were walking around this huge puddle of coffee as it spread and spread. I’m not sure who did it to this day, but it doesn’t matter who did it. I was on my way to get on stage and moderate a panel in front of 500 people and I stopped immediately and in front of 20 other peopleour employees and our customersgot down on my knees in a Zegna suit and started mopping it up. Everyone immediately got down on their knees with me and started cleaning it up. Yes, the folks who paid $1,000 to attend the event started cleaning up the spilled coffee! That’s what leadership is about. It’s about doing the little things and carrying about details. It’s about setting an example every day with every action you take. If you’re committed to the details your team will be committed to the details.

When you’re the boss everything you do has ramifications beyond the immediate situationfor better and for worse. You show up two days later (as in 9/11 and in this case) it sends a message (in this case, “it can wait”). You don’t know all the details it sends a message (in this case “it will work itself out eventually”).

You escort people to saftey and you go to every single fireman’s funeral and it sends another message (in Giuliani’s case that sends the message that you care about every person on your teama lot!). How many funerals has Bush been to? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’ve never seen him at one.

If I was the President of the country I would be on the ground in the command center with my entire team and NO ONE would sleep for the next three days or until things were under control. NO ONE.

I know I’m going to get a bunch of flames from conservatives for this post, but before you flame keep in mind that what I’m talking about here is not politics. I’m strictly talking about personal styles. I voted for Giuliani and Bloomberg (both republicans) and I could care less about political parties. Frankly, I’m pretty republican when it comes to issues (I believe in less government, people taking ownership of their lives, lower taxes, less spending, State’s rights, etc).

What I care about is *action* and the CEO of this country is taking too much time off and not working hardor smartenough. That’s the bottom line. This guy is just not CEO material. This guy belongs on the board of company, in a relationship-based positionnot one based on leadership.

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