Technorati Worthless

I’ve been complaining about how worthless the results from Technorati are for the past six months (at least). Now Jason Kottke has kicked out Technorati, and Fred Wilson has done the same.

Amazing how quickly the mighty have fallen. At a conference last year half the screen in the audience seemed to be on Technorati. Now, I do my canned technorati searches and I see nothing but items from a year ago and spam. Ugh.

I think the company has a focus issue. They always seem to be busy doing odd side projects like mobile, Live8, the redesign and CNN. If I was running that company I would focus on one thing and one thing only: the quality of the search results. That’s it. That’s the only reason Technorati exists and that’s the thing they are doing worst.

Come on guys: eyes on the prize eyes on the prize.

Where’s Nick Denton’s big blog search project?!?

Brian: Can you take Technorati out of the Linking Blogs link across the Weblogs, Inc. network and replace them with IceRocket?

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