What Automotive Magazines do you subscribe to?

The team of at Autoblog put up an interesting post today (of course, it’s biased since it’s being voted on @ Autoblog.com). Now, I love magazines (having launched four of them), but I can’t imagine doing one again as a primary business. As a brand extension, sure. As a primary business no way.

Of all of our blogs which one do you think would make the best quarterly magazine: http://www.engadget.com, http://www.luxist.com, http://www.tuaw.com, http://www.hackaday.com, http://www.joystiq.com, http://www.tvsquad.com, http://www.cinematical.com, or one of our others?

What Automotive Magazines do you subscribe to?


Car and Driver

308 votes

Motor Trend

174 votes

Road & Track

147 votes


163 votes


142 votes

Who needs a magazine when you have Autoblog?

333 votes

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