Amazon affiliate tips and advice.

We’re starting to play with the Amazon Affiliate program on a couple of our sites (,,,, and I’ve been inside the interface all day long and I’m really digging how they let you pick specific products, product searches, and categories. For example:

  • I put the TREO 650 and the Archos video player in rotation over at (in the skyscraper).

  • I put the automotive electronics in a couple of positions over at

  • Iput best selling baby products at Bloggingbaby.

I’m starting to look at the ethical issues as well. Questions I’m looking for feedback on:

  1. Should we let bloggers link to Amazon products at the end of their blog posts with full disclosure that we make a commission (I’ve been clear about not advertising links in the posts like Vibrant Media is doing, but is a link to the Amazon store at the BOTTOM of the post OK in your mind?).

  2. Should we create “round up” posts (or stores) with our favorite products on Amazon and let folks know that by buying them from our store they are supporting our blogs. My thinking here is that folks on Engadget are buying cell phones and gadgets from Amazon all the time. Would giving them an Engadget Store with the the products we’ve covered recently be unethical in some way?

  3. How should we integrate Amazon into our sites?

Now, I of course have my own views on many of these things. I’ll share my views more indepth after I hear from everyone else.

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