BLANK is the new Borg (or “Entrepreneurs are Gladiators”are you not amused?!?” or “on faux monopolies”)

gladiatorGary Rivlin does the obligatory “ Google is the new Borg” piece in The New York Times today. The basic list of complaints are:

1. You can’t raise venture capital because of Google.
2. You can’t hire engineers because of Google.
3. Google is mean to people.
4. Google is arrogant because they think big.
5. Google is acting more professional and less like a crazy startup.


Cry me a river.

Here are my responses:

1. If you can’t get past the “what about Google” question with at least one VC then you don’t deserve their money and you don’t deserve to be an entrepreneur. Go work for for someone.
2. If you can’t find engineers who would rather work for your startup over being one cog out of 2,000 engineers in Google’s machine then you don’t deserve to be an entrepreneur. Go work for someone.
3. It’s just businessno one is being mean to you because they don’t return your call or they don’t do a partnership with you. It’s YOUR job to get a deal done with Google and if you can’t then find

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