Razor Magazine powered by Blogsmith

Powered by BlogsmithBlogsmith is the software that Brian Alvey and I developed to power Weblogs, Inc. It’s an industrial stregth piece of software with some really slick features in it. When blogger join the Weblogs, Inc. Network they all have the same response: “can I use this for my personal site?!”

Since we had so many requests for the software we decided to create a second company, Blogsmith LLC, that will provide the software to users. My old partner in crime Gordon Gould has come on as CEO (you know Gordon as the President of Rising Tide Studios/Silicon Alley Reporter and the founder of UPOC). Brian and I are on the Board.

Blogsmith’s first client recently came on board, Razor Magazine. What I love about their site is that it looks nothing like a blog, yet it is using our blog software. If you’re interested in our software send me an email at jason <at> weblogsinc.com.

razor magazine powered by Blogsmith

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