Technorati finally responds… and they update the ‘rati 100

Dave responded to one of my posts that the Technorati 100 had been (finally) updated. I can see Yahoo Messenger is no longer one of the top blogs, but little else.

Dave, if you have the time three things would help the effort:

1. Explain what changes were made
2. Be transparent about the changes and list them on the page like the Feedster 500 is doing
3. Expand the list to 500 blogs?

Is that too much to ask. 🙂

Update: Bob from Pubsub has responded and it looks like they will be showing us something soon! Can’t wait to see who comes to the table next: PubSub or IceRocket. The bottom line: healthy competition is good for the blogosphere and blog search companies and I commend them for being so open about this process.

Update2: Feedster had a huge traffic spike after launching the Feedster 500 which you can see here.
The image

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