Not invited to Foo…

Nope, I’m not invited to Foo Camp either.

I asked someone in the FOT camp (friends of Tim which I’m sort of not, or maybe a little bit I don’t know my status with Tim to be honest, I guess I’m sort of half in and half out) how they give out invites to Foo Camp. They said they give them to “people doing interesting things” and that I should “keep trying and maybe next year.”

So, I’m going to dedicate the next year of my life to impressing Tim now, if I can figure out how to attach this digital camera to this here kite, then take pictures of my dog with a GPS harness attached no, scrap that maybe if I get a kayak and un-DRM a can of CocaCola with it. nah. ok I give up.

Funny looks like a group has started an official “Not FOT” camp:

Update: Tim gives a solid response of how he does the camp. Frankly, it’s his party and this is for the benifit of his business so he is welcome to run it however he likes I’m just pulling his leg above. Really I’m just joking oh no i just caught in Tim’s bozo filter and broke the #1 rule of Foo camp (don’t complain about not being invited in public!). Dang what an IDIOT I am. 🙂

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