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autoblog spanish

Our international strategy is starting to get legs. Today we’re launching our second Spanish language site this kim it’s Autoblog in Spanish. Now, as is the case with the international Engadget sites (Chinese | Japanese | Spanish), we’re not just translating the posts. We’re localizing them, and we’re doing original editorial. Engadget Chinese is about 40% unique content now.

Now, if only an international sponsor with vision would show up and sponsor us putting Engadget and Autoblog into 10 languages!

I’m loving this post Peter did over at Engadget really shows what we’re doing.

Engadget around the world

Engadget doesn’t only geek out in English, we actually have versions of the site in Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese (with more to come!), so we thought we’d give you a little sampler of what’s going on over at our foreign editions:

Engadget Japanese

Engadget Japanese Icon

Engadget Spanish
Engadget Spanish Icon

Engadget Chinese

Engadget Chinese Icon

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