Feedster 2, Technorati 0 (PubSub and IceRocket not even in the game yet!)

This is great Feedster 500 has only been out for 18 hours or so and they have already started taking suggestions and making currections Technorati won’t even take Yahoo Instant Messenger off their list! Nor will they be transparent about how often the site is updated.

Here is the note from the Feedster 500 page:

Errata: Shoulda, Coulda, WillNo list is perfect and, unfortunately, we managed to not list several prominent blogs that should have been in the August Feedster Top 500. And our guess is that they will be in the September Feedster Top 500. But for right now here they are along with their approximate ranking:

* Top 20 Stephen’s Web by Stephen Downes
Top 50 Jason Kottke
Top 75 Search Engine Watch

Also, take a look at number 191 it was removed because someone alerted Feedster that it was spam.

If Feedster can make a list that is five times longer than Technorati’s, and they are willing to discuss the list with the entire blogosphere you have to wonder why Technorati wont.

Now PubSub, Icerocket, Yahoo, and Google. come on, it’s time to get in the game!!!

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