Blog 500 update

The Blog 500 challenge is rolling along I’ve seen two 500 lists from two of the biggest names in the blog search space and I’m really impressed. I can’t get into details on them since they were shown to me in confidence, however I can tell you that both are muchMUCHbetter then Technorati’s horrible 100 list which doesn’t seem to ever get updated and which has huge problems.

I’d love to see someone make a matrix of the Technorati, Feedster, Pubsub, Blogpulse and Icerocket data and make a consolidate report that would mean you don’t need to have your own index, you just ping these other services for the link counts and then either average them or average the ranks on each service. Since only Technorati has a list it would be great to see someone like Tristan do one of his charts showing how the Technorati data looks against the other search engines.

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