Daniel McCabe Calacanis

Took at a day off from blogosphere nonsense to focus on what really matters my older brother Jamie had his second child today and I’m the Godfather. So, take a look at Daniel McCabe Calacanis who came in at just under 8 pounds. Many folks ask me what the middle name McCabe is all about. It’s my mother’s maiden name and she gave it to me as my middle name. For some reason I’ve always used it.

When I was in grammer school I would always put my full name on papers. Even when they told me to leave it out I wouldn’t, telling my teachers that I refused to put my name down incorrectly on the various forms they had us fill out (yes, I’ve always been this way :-). Anyway, as I got older and started getting covered in the press I made sure they included the McCabe telling them that my mother would be calling if they didn’t. The Irish side of my family always loved it when the McCabe was in there. Anyway, my brother Jamie told me today that Daniel got the McCabe middle name as a hat tip to me. I’m blown away, and psyched to be a Godfather for the second time. I’ll be in NYC next week to spend time with my new Godson Danny boy.
daniel mccabe calacanis

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