Podshow raises $8M+ from KP and Sequoia ” wow

Adam Curry and his partner in crime Ron landed an $8M+ investment from two of the biggest investors in the world: Kleiner and Sequoia for their PodShow business. How you could even spend $8M to make podcasting a real business is beyond me I’m thinking they have to be putting the focus on the tools (i.e. creation , distribution, and search). I have to hand it to these two guys they are going big and they got a vision.

We’ve got about eight podcasts going right now including the Engadget podcast which gets 50-75,000 downloads of each show in the first week (and then like 2-5k of the same show each week going forward).

The Autoblog and TUAW podcasts are amazing as well.

Volvo and Best Buy are our sponsors right now, and it’s a fun business but I just don’t know how it scales. I mean, can we get to 1m people listening to a podcast? I’m not convinced that there will be many of these, or if the long tail strategy we did for Weblogs, Inc. translates to blogs are some folks have been trying.


Simple advertising on web pages is mature and advertising in mp3 files is not. Millions of people are advertising online via text and graphical ads. Anyone can buy and *create* text ads in two seconds, then track them like a madman. Creating a audio advertisement? That takes talent, time, cost, and you can forget about tracking itat least right now.

So, it will take another five years for audio advertising to work itself out if I was Adam I would be tryingto solve that problem first. Making podcasts is easy, making money from podcasts is hard.

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