Comscoregate Day Two: Still no response, still no data.

Comscore is proving just how much faith they have in their survey. We’re at day two of Comscoregate and they still haven’t released the numbers.

How can any company expect to be taken seriously in the blogosphere when they release a survey paid for by one party, written by that same parties friend, and that incorrectly puts that party as the top dogTHEN NOT GIVE THE BACKUP DATA!

Do you even have the data? Are you busy “cleaning it up” as Rick told me when I pointed out all the errors in it last year??!

Did anyone send Comscore the Kryptonite lock memo??!

Comscore: If you have any faith in your numbers give them to the blogosphere in an Excel file. We want the 400 top blogs, by month, for the past year. You say you collected this data so you should have no problem proving it.

Oh yeah, one more tip: It’s time to hire a Web 2.0 PR person, a staff blogger, and a blog consultant. Heck, you got a Web 2.0 VC backing you up talk to them about what you should do!

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