Nick Denton’s amazing blog survey (and why isn’t Weblogs, Inc included?!)

Update: Just spoke with Jeremy Shermak in the press relations group at Comscore. At first he wouldn’t tell me if Gawker had paid for the report, but after telling him I knew the answer to that question and I just wanted confirmation he told me Gawker did in fact pay to have the report created (which Nick says in his blog post: “along with Six Apart, we asked one of the leading market research firms to conduct a more rigorous study”). I pressed him on why our blogs were not consolidated like Nick’s are in the report, and asked if I had to pay him to have them to consolidate our blogs and he said no. The person who wrote the report is not with Comscore any more so they are getting me in touch with the guy who is handling the report on an ongoing basis. Since this is draft I’m hoping it is not a problem to consolidate our blogs in the report as well. It’s very unfair for Gawker’s traffic to be listed together and our traffic to not be listed (this basically pushes us out of the report with the exception of Engadget).

My pal Nick Denton (yes, I actually like the guya lot) has a great blog post on a survey they did with Comscore. Here is the PDF. Blog readers make more money and are youngerthat’s good for business very good. As he points out this means that big advertisers should start shifting some of that budget to blogs and blog networks like, ummmm, Gawker and Weblogs, Inc. 🙂

It’s old dataQ1 2005but Nick does a good job of pointing that out since it shows Gizmodo ahead of Engadget which we both know is not true (Engadget gets more then double the traffic of Gizmodo at this point). Even with the old data it put Gawker Media as the number five blog network, which means Weblogs, Inc. is either number of four or six that makes me feel good. And Gawker and Weblogs, Inc. are not open networks like Typepad or bloggerreally apple and oranges. 🙂

I have to ask: Comscore why is Weblogs, Inc. not in the report and why didn’t you call us to be involved in this?! We would have love to be included in the results and not putting the Weblogs, Inc. Network into the report makes me wonder who else you have left out. It makes the data look like you can’t trust it if you leave out a major player.

Please call us next time my guess is we need to pay you to get into this report right?! (Which is kind of heavy handed I think, frankly but that is your model I guess we will pay). The Gawker Network and Weblogs, Inc. get almost exactly the same amount of traffic (~2M pages a day), yet we are not consolidated in the report and Gawker is why?

How much did Gawker pay for this report?

Let me know when you do a report based on the 3rd quarter and we will payprovided we can afford it!

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