Jensense interview and Search Engine Strategies panel tomorrow

Did an interview last week with Jensense, one of my favorite blogs (I read every post from start to finish). We’re not at $1M in Google Adsense just yet, so the headline is a little misleading, but we did break a record last week, breaking $2,450 for the first time. I think we’ll hit that ~$2,700 daily number next month. Of course, we keep raising the pay rate for bloggers, so even with this growth it’s not enough to cover the 100+ bloggers. That’s ok for now because we’re investing in our blogs.

I’ll be on panel with Jen at Search Engine Strategies tomorrow in San Jose. The panel is called Earning from Search & Contextual ads and Jen has a write up here.

Bunch of folks linked to the Jensense story (I found on Icerocketand Feedster):

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