Blog 500 Entry #1: Blogrolling’s Hot 500

Blogrolling Hot 500 That didn’t take long! Blogrollinga cool application that helps you maintain your blogrollhas come out with their top 500 blogs based on people’s most recent blogrolls.

Now, this isn’t perfect since not everyone uses blogrolling to maintain their blogrolls and since blogrolling seems be used by an old-shool group of bloggers. However, I’m psyched to see another list that is longer and more diverse then the flawed Technorati 100.

I got a sneak peak at one of the other blog search engine’s “top 500” list yesterday and it was AMAZING. Makes Technorati’s list look like a jokereally. With a couple of tweaks this other blog list will quickly replace Technorati as the place the press looks for what blogs are popular.

Really excited to see if any new search players come out of “The Blog 500” contest.

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