Why the Technorati 100 sucks

More on why the Technorati 100 sucks (look at number #91) and it’s time for someone to build a better one.
technorati sucks
FYI: The Blog 500 prize is getting a ton of attention and some of the other search sites have shown mein confidence what they’ve built. Let’s just say Technorati is about to get it’s bell rungBIG TIME.

Note: People have been asking me why I’m hitting up Technorati all the time to fix all their problems. Very simple: blog rankings and blog search have a huge impact on our business as a publisher of blogs. I’d like to see a fair and accurate ranking system (which Technorati isn’t), and I’d like to see the larger search engines give more attention to the blogosphere. Bottom line: I want more eyeballs on blogs because I believe they are producing amazing content.

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