Defcon 13

I’ve landed at Defcon 13. 5,000 hackers in Vegas for three days. This is gonna be fun. HackADay will be doing hyper coverage of the event over the next three days, so visit the site early and often!

We’re 10 minutes into the event and the first privacy/freedom of speech debate has started. The topic was, of course, photos. An organizer went off a long tirade about not taking pictures of the speakers or audience without their permission and that the press would have their film taken if they did. They did says that you could take pictures of the backs of people’s heads without permission. So, since many of you have always wanted to see the backs of 500 sweaty nerds in a tent here ya go!

(Side rant: I’m not a big fan of having my photo taken, but if you’re at a major conferenceespecially if you’re on stage as a speakeryou should expect someone might take your photo.)

(Side rant #2: A couple of dozen folks have already pulled out their hidden camera sunglasses and hats in order to “hack” the guidelines.)
defcon tent

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