Betsy Gotbaum where are you? + Google Maps and Flickr NYC Pothole Mashup!

Andrew Rasiej uses the web to show exactly how poor a job Betsy Gotbaum has done as public advocate. it’s painful. Watch this very funny video. Politics is really changing and Andrew is using every little piece of technology to do itincluding video blogging.

On a side note, Andrew is doing a better job as public advocate already and he does’t even have the job yet! Check out this very, very smart (and simple and free!) use of Flickr and geocoding to empower New Yorkers to document potholes. Think about how much time and money this is gonna save for New York? The folks who fix potholes don’t need to leave their desk to find them, and the can even see how bad the potholes areagain from their deskand dispatch people to the worst ones.

This is the perfect example of how the public, technology and the services we pay for with our taxes can work together.

If you have not donated for Andrew yet please do so every donation is a vote for better government, so donate even if you don’t live in New York City!

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