Online Advertising 2005 Open Source Event

I’ve been attending a ton of events over the past year, and after having taken about three years off from producing conferences, I’ve decided that I want to get back in. Not in a huge way, and not really as a business, but more to have that fulfilling feeling of bringing together all the great, smart folks I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with over the years.

The topic I’m most obsessed with now is online advertising. I’m working with so many companies in the space right now that I’m thinking an intimate event that brought together publishers, advertisers, and technologists would really help me with my day job as CEO at Weblogs, Inc.

I’d like to make this an open source conference where the feedback of people coming shapes the agenda. Here is what I’m thinking:

  • 150-200 people: Limited to publishers, advertisers (and their agencies), and the technology companies that enable them (think Google Adsense, Yahoo, AOL, Tribal Fusion, AdBrite, etc).

  • Two days in Los Angeles, during the second or third week in November (after AdTech, before Thanksgiving). Any other conflicting events out there?

  • Short presentations by highly qualified folks. All of them vetted in advance so their not “slideware” or promotional.

  • Smaller round table discussions: Think 25-50 folks in a room with an o-shaped table. We used to do at the Online Advertising Summits at Silicon Alley Reporter and the Rising Tide Summit events.

So, here are the questions:

What topics would you want to discuss?
What format’s do you like/hate?
Who would you like to hear from?
What title/positions would you like to hear from (i.e. from a technology company would you rather hear from the CEO or the CTO? Would you rather hear from the ad buyer or the brand manager?)?

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