Gawker Editor launches another personal blog, Eater, and it’s great!

Not to try and start troubleI’d never do thatbut I have to say I love the fact that Gawker’s Editorial Director Lockhart launches much better blogs for himself than he does his boss Nick Denton. Eater is Lockhart’s latest and it’s just great much, much better then the recent Gawker blogs. Rock on Lockhart!

Here is the intro to the excellent site:

We’ve always had a fondness for restaurant coverage at Curbed, especially insofar as what openings and closings reveal about the pulse of a neighborhood. With that thought in mind, today we’re launching our third weblog, a New York City restaurant blog called Eater. We’re undertaking this latest ill-conceived venture in partnership with She Loves NY, the definitive source for new blackness in all its guises. Join us, won’t you, for our first seating?

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