Santa Monica Basketball – where do you play?

Anyone got a regular game going in Santa Monica? I play in the park over on Arizona and like 7th, but I’m looking for an indoor game on a regular basis without 45 minutes of school yard fighting to every 15 minutes of playing (in NYC these arguments end in about 2 minutes, but for some reason in LA people just don’t let things go, which is funny since folks in NYC play the game so much harder and call about 1/10th the number of foulsI’m not kidding either).

Plus out here people play “and 1,” so everyone says “and 1” when they drive the basket sad. In NYC if you get fouled and call it, and the ball goes in, then it DOESN’T COUNT. The reason for this is because when you call your own foul you shouldn’t count the basket or people would make a call every timewhich is what they do in LA! Every time I suggest we change the rule people in LA start crying it’s funny.

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