Fox buys Intermix/MySpace and has the best coverage

Looks like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL have company Fox and CBS are both making a huge big splash. No one breaks it down like Rafat Ali at It’s amazing, every senior executive in the industry I know doesn’t look for Internet news in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal anymorethey all read Rafat’s take on it!

Look at all the coverage from below. Great job Rafat if you charged $50 a month I’d pay for it!

Fox Interactive Makes Big Splash Buys Intermix and MySpace For $580 Million, Nearly Doubles U.S. Traffic
News Corp.-Intermix Details: Interview, Ross Levinsohn, President, FIM
News Corp. – Intermix: VC Payday
FIM-MySpace’s Effect on Social Media M&As
News Corp.-Intermix: Murdoch, Chernin Explain; Others React
Reaction To Intermix-MySpace Acquisition
Fox Interactive Hires Grey Away From Yahoo
News Corp.-Intermix: Reaction Is Fairly Positive
Fox Buys Intermix: Some Background on MySpace

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