My stalker gives me props on the Star System (how nice)

My stalker from Europethe guy who posts comments everywhere under ten different names, calls people at home, and makes cartoonsgives me mad props (after saying our 80 blogs are going to destroy the other 10m blogs out there by linking to folks all day long!):

“Jason Calacanis who is the owner of WeblogsInc that owns also Engadget may be wanting to destroy all other blogs and news sites and you shouldn’t link to Engadget or to other WeblogsInc sites because sooner or later WeblogsInc will come after you and destroy you too! however the star system that WeblogsInc uses shows that Jason Calacanis is not sleeping and always trying to improve. I must give him the credit that he is good at his business firstly Engadget beaten Gizmodo among others because it was offering comments that Gizmodo doesn’t have (one needs to give his/her email address to comment, but no registration required) – clearly a progress – and now WeblogsInc goes further with these commenting features by adding star system that awards comment writers by links without ref=nofollow this is really brilliant and shows why Gizmodo sinks and blogs of WeblogsInc raise

Wow. Innovation pays back. Knowing what your readers/users want or need pays back too.”

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