MediaBistro gets leg up on Gawker

This is a great chart.

Gawker comes in with a great product and talented writers and beats MediaBistro at their own game. MediaBistro then hires Elizabeth Spiers (the blogger I could never hire, and who formerly worked at Gawker) and now MediaBistro is back on top of Gawker.

Oh yeah, Gawker’s editor is the former editor of MediaBistro. You can see MediaBistro’s Alexa rank DOUBLEyes DOUBLEwhen Spiers joined. That’s power I’d hire Spiers in a second. She’s the type of talent that can “move the needle” as we say in the business.

Now, this chart isn’t really fair since Gawker does just news and MediaBistro is news + job listings. Take out job listings and MediaBistro is well below Gawker. Which tells me that Gawker should do free media classifieds just to screw with MediaBistro (nothing gets things going like taking out a competitor’s main revenue stream).

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