Where do you get your news? MSM or Blogs?

Today’s example: the Juxion portable Wifi Hotspot. (I should do this every day)

New York Times mentions Juxion today, 7/14/2005.
Engadget & The Wireless Weblog mentions starting: 11/4/2004

Popular Science goes really mobile with the Voltaic solar pack and Junxion Box
Posted by Mike Outmesguine on 7/5/2005
Here’s my Popular Science How 2.0 article on turning yourself into a walking hotspot by using a mobile power source and a cellular-to-Wi-Fi gateway. The Voltaic Systems backpack makes a great

Sony PSP goes cellular using a JunxionBox gateway
Posted by Mike Outmesguine on 5/25/2005
Trying to force wireless connectivity out of the Sony PSP has resulted in some interesting tweaks and hacks by devoted fans of the new handheld gaming/multimedia platform. In this tradition, I worked

Engadget Podcast.11 11.04.2004
Posted by Phillip Torrone on 11/4/2004

Here’s the latest podcast folks! and it’s hot hot hotwe get back at some telemarketers, listen to TRON on ListenToAMovie.com, and talk about Tim Russert’s Tablet PC, the iPod Download How-To,

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