Technorati sells a press clipping service? I’ve never heard of that!

Interesting post from Jeremy today about Technorati’s “expensive” blog tracking services. Ummm? Technorati is charging people to track blogs? Where is that service listed on their site? I can’t find it.

SiliconValleyWatcher says:

What surprised me was how aggressively Mr Hirshberg was pitching Technorati’s expensive blog tracking services to this audience of agency and corporate communications professionals.

…. Well, Technorati is offering services that will help companies control their corporate message by identifying those blogs and their social network, that have posted around the “wrong” message. Then, I would imagine, some sort of corporate “SWAT” team could parachute in and engage those off-message bloggers.

To which Jeremy says:

But here’s a question nobody is asking so far: Will Technorati offer bloggers a cut of the cash too?

To which I say:

1. Anyone out there using this service? Can you send me screen shots or information on what you pay for this service (send to jason at weblogsinc dot com I’ll keep it confidential)? If our blogs are being repurposed and sold we should be getting paid for this. Reprints are a revenue stream for magazines and newspaper, and they will be for blogs as well. If Technorati is sending anything more then a short excerpt (50-75 characters) they would be violating people’s copyright.

2. Dave Sifry: Can you confirm that this service exists, how much it costs, and what the results look like?

I highly doubt that this serviceif it even existswould repurpose blog content. Technorati has been very good about taking only a snip of people’s content. I don’t see Dave taking liberties with people’s content Dave’s a good man.

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