Chris Anderson’s excellent PR

Chris Anderson woke up to every editor’s nightmare today: big story about his magazine treating their readers poorly. In this case readers were getting threatening letters from circulation departmenttypical stuff in the publishing world, but something you can’t hide from thanks to the blogosphere.

Everyone makes mistakes we all know that. What matters in life is that you address your failings quickly, honestly, and effectively. The response Chris put up should be required reading for all PR people going forward.

The other great thing from this example is the fact that blogs make corporations more honest. In the old days an editor like Chris would have no ammunition with the publisher when it came to issue like this. Today, Chris can point to the blogosphere and go to his bosses and say “we look like idiots we have to fix this. We’re better then this.”

Bonus side rant: Today’s example shows that blogging is a revolution and that’s not hype, that’s reality. I’m not afraid to call this a revolution. It is, just like the Internet was in 1996-2001. Let’s hope the bubble around the revolution doesn’t get too big however.

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