Boingboing Claria non-issue (or can we chill with the playa hatin people?!)

It seems like everyone is attacking everyone these days. The latest I just read over the Blog Herald is some hair-splitting issue over a Cory post about Microsoft reportedly buying Claria (fka Gator, the spyware kids). Of course, that deal isn’t closed and Cory made a mistake and fixed it with a follow up post, but hasn’tI assumegotten around to fixing the old post.

So, of course people are going crazy like there is some major issue with boingboingwhich there is not. Couple of points:

1. The people who produce boingboing have the highest ethics in the business.

2. Boingboing has been very quick to correct errors in the past, and they certainly don’t have any bad intentions.

3. Given the pace at which boingboing runs they are surprisingly error-free. certainly they are amongst the most error-free blogs in the business.

4. Boingboing doesn’t hide their errors like newspapers do they put strikethrough and leave the original error. That’s very transparent and the top level of ethics in my book.

I’m sure they will correct the old post and this is just a slow days of summer oversight.

Chill out everyone Boingboing is great people. Can’t we give boingboing the benifit of the doubt since they’ve produced such great content for so long?!

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