Google and Yahoo Blog Search Petition Followup

A quick Q&A update on my petition“my

plea”to Yahoo and Google to add a second tab after “Web” that searches only blogs.

1. Are you trying to kill Technorati and Feedster?

Nope. I love both services and I wish them only the best. This isn’t about

replacing those services, this is about bringing blogs to the top-level of the discussion where they belong. Both Yahoo

and Google have News, Web and Images as top level tabs and I believe that Blogs are at least equally as important as

those other tabs.

2. You know that Yahoo has been testing RSS search


Yep. I talked about how they were tracking RSS feeds

a while back when they added the +Yahoo link on search results. I learned (after I wrote my article) that

Steve Rubel (that PR guys 🙂

found a hidden link to it

(screenshot). That

link is now off. I think that this might actually be a case where Yahoo beats Google to the punch, which is surprising

since Google has had such a huge head start in blogging and since Google

has such sophisticated search technology. Regardless of who has the technology, the important issue is that they don’t

bury it. The goal here is to have Blog search right up top, front and center.

3. Why is this so important to you? Why are you sticking your nose into everyone else’s business?

Two responses to that: First, this is important to me on a personal

level because I believe that citizen’s media has a truly positive impact on the media landscape and by extension the

world we live in. The last 25 years of media consolidation has been horrible for democracy and the public, and blogs

are a reaction to the problems in MSM. I don’t subscribe to citizen’s media

replacing MSM, I see it as complimenting it. Adding Blogs as the second tab

on the search bar gives equal billing to citizens and the media.

Second, how our content is indexed and presented is my business. As a blog publisher we’re fighting to get bloggers

compensated while maintaining the unfiltered, honest, and passionate nature of blogs. The support of Yahoo and Google

are key to our mission. All bloggers will benifit from this move:

individual bloggers, group bloggers, and blog publishers.

4. You know

has a blogs are their second tab?

Of course, I’m good friends with Blake Rhodes the CEO of

IceRocket and I talk with him on instant messenger every week or so. We

also share an investor in blogger Mark Cuban. There is, however, no official relationship between our two companies.

I’ve been impressed with IceRocket’s blog search and just today for the

first time I found a blog post on one of my searches (for my last name) that was not on Technorati. My blunt assesement of

IceRocket‘s blog search right now is that it is faster and has less spam

then Technorati and Feedster,

however it has a smaller index. I prefer the Google-style layout of Feedster and IceRocket (with the results on the left so

they are nice and wide) over Technorati (see my blog post on hating the

new Technorati design).

5. Why you always dogging Technorati?

I love

Technorati and for while I was dependent on their service. I have nothing

against them, I’m friendly with Dave their CEO, and I think they are doing important work with their support tagging,

Live8, and Tantek’s review tags/microformats. However, we all know their

service has been somewhere between horrible and OK since they started”plus I didn’t like the redesign. Dave appreciates

the feedback, and he is well aware that has to get the service back up to speed since he doesn’t own the market

anymore. In fact, over the past two weeks I’ve been using Feedster,

Pubsub, and IceRocket more than Technorati. Right now the only

thing I really use Technorati for is their tag search. So, the space is a

level playing field”anyone can take it (and many will). In fact, I’m waiting for

Bloglines to launch a search

product. If/when they do they will instantly become the #1 index I predict. In fact, I’m willing to be sushi at Nobu

that they launch blog search within 12 months.

6. How can I help get Yahoo or Google to put Blogs as a tab on their site?

Couple of things: 1. Blog about how you think it is a good idea and link to my original

petition. 2. Sign the petition in the comments

form (link to your blog from the comment). 3. If you know folks at Google or Yahoo email them and tell you think they

should do it.

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