Google and Yahoo Blog Search Petition

It’s time for Google and Yahoo to add Blog Search to their offering.

These two companies represent the bulk of the search activity on the Internet. When they add a dedicated tab to allowand encourageusers to search blogs they will forever change the media landscape. They will promote individual bloggers to the same level as mainstream media companies which have top-level billing in the news sections of these services.

Now, I’m not saying they should take blogs out of the main search indexI’m saying add a dedicated search function which searches only blogs. I’m also not saying take the top “news-style” blogs out of the news indexes either. If some blogs pass the benchmark for inclusion in the news indexes that’s great. What we’re talking about here is bringing all blogs into one index (like Technorati or Feedster), and giving them equal billing with mainstream news as well as web search results.

The voice of the people is the key to peace, prosperity, and democracy in the world, and Yahoo and Google are in the position to bring these voices to the forefront of the discussion. Mainstream media has owned distribution for the past couple of decades and it’s time for the search engines to take the major step of leveling the playing field (they have done a lot already, and we’re thankful for that).

It’s also going to be great for business for bloggers and the search engines. Whoever has the best index of the public voice will capture the huge advertising revenue associated with it, and bloggers could always use a little extra traffic. It’s a win-win, and it takes nothing away from the mainstream media (it is not a zero sum game, thre are plenty of eyeballs to go around).

Which one will do it first? Who knows. You can help by adding your signature and thoughts in the comments below. If you have a blog post it into the comments below and blog about the petition on your own blog (feel free to use the images below!). If you know anyone at Google or Yahoo encourage them to support independent voices by promoting Blog Searh to the top level.

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