Feedster and Technorati getting killed by blog spam (or, please launch Blog Search Google!)

I’m finding a ton of spam on Technorati and Feedster these days we’re getting to the point at which these services are going to start losing their audience because of it I believe. To my peeps @ T and F: you need to address this ASAP (and to my peeps at Technorati: what is going on with the search results being so wacky and inconsistent for the past couple of weeks. Old posts coming up as new, no search results one time and huge list on the same results the next time).

Just came up with sites like this one when doing my daily search for “Weblogs, Inc”

What is the point of this site? It’s not like they even have a phone number for their car service. Perhaps their trying to build their Google page rank or something? Then they can use the domain for something else when it hits a higher page rank?!

The FeedMesh teamor whatever we’re calling the blog search folkshave GOT to get a handle on this problem right now. They should let users report spam like Craigslist does and just hire folks to ding domains/pages from the index as they are reported by users (starting with the most reports of abuse from users).

I feel for my friends at these smaller search engines, but I gotta ask the question: when the heck is google going to launch blog search?!?!!? We need a Google-level of quality and reliability.

Please, please, please Google please launch blog search! Please!!!

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