CNET still evil.

I just checked out CNET’s new “Alpha” blog. I would say it was lame, but I think the more accurate description is sinister. Let me count the ways:

1. Out of the first 20 links on their site 19 linked to their product reviews, their gaming sites, or their news. Not one blog is linked to! The one links were to vendors websites (I wonder if that company SkillJamis a CNET advertisers?).

Nope, CNET is still the walled garden it has always been. CNET takes from the blogosphere, but they don’t give back. I’ve read about all these stories days, weeks, and in some cases MONTHS before they appeared on this “blog.”

2. No trackbacks. Again, CNET doesn’t want to make the public aware of any other options out there. What a lack of confidence. Come on CNET, if your content is good why don’t you link out to the blogosphere and show off what USERS ARE CREATING?

My guess is that the editors at CNETwho are nice people, some of them are my good friendsare either scared to link to the competition or they may even be explicitly forbidden from doing so.

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