I’m sad.

Waking up to the bombs going off in London today I’m feeling really sad.

All the flashbacks to 9/11 four years ago (is it really four years ago? feels like four months sometimes) came back. This concept of people dying during their commute to work really cuts deep. I think about all those groggy mornings on the subway on the way to work. Sipping coffee, reading the Times, and making the brutal transition from being at home asleep in bed to gearing up for another day of hard work. Nowadays we all have to factor into the process that your train, or the car on the train you’re sitting in, is the one with a bomb on it. What day is today? Is there some significance that makes this is an ideal day to murder innocent people? Should I not commute on July 4th, 9/11, or the day we captured Saddam? It’s just horrible.

I wish I could say I couldn’t imagine how you would feel if you lost someone in one of these attacks. However, like most New Yorkers I know folks who were impacted. There is a lady who lost her husband on 9/11 who lived right across the street from my parents brownstone (where I’m writing this right now). The guys biggest crime was that on 9/11 he took the subway to work in order to take care of his familysame as those folks in London today. These horrible people who plan these attacks are so sinister. They know that hitting people during their commute will have the impact that I’m writing about todayit will terrify them when they start their day. How pleasant you bastards.

I’m sure later today or tomorrow I’ll be angry about this (it’s starting already). You can probably expect some rant about how with all our resources we can take down Osama, but I’ll save that post for another time. Right now I’m just sad.

My prayers and my thoughts are with London today. Better days are coming guys, stay strong.

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