The Downside of Google Adsense Part II (or the “backpage of WIRED is still the backpage of WIRED”)

So, following up on the “downside of Google” post from last week here is my followup email with the journalist.

> What’s the percentage of your revenues that come from
> Google vs. other branded ads?

Display advertising (aka directly sold advertising) is still the large majority of our ad sales, network advertising is the minority. That’s as much as I can say.

> What do you think about the business model of
> Battelle’s FM Publishing, that de-emphasizes automated
> ads in favor of a publisher-intermediary-advertiser
> “conversation”? That is, matches advertisers and blog
> content using human logic rather than machine logic.

I think that John will be the most successful of the blog advertising networks because a) John is a brilliant at building brands and matching them with advertisers and b) he’s not trying to own the
blogs. We’re considering using John’s network when he gets up and running.

I think matching ads to brands by hand is very, very important that majority of our advertising comes from it! Most advertisers want to be associated with specific content and a specific audiencenot just a keyword. Doesn’t mean that keywords/contextual advertising is not a
revolution, it is, but it’s not going to replace display ads. The back page of WIRED or Vanity Fair is still the back page of WIRED or Vanity Fair. Just like the leaderboard on Autoblog or Engadget is still highly sought after.

best j

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