2005-07-03 02:49:00

I’m done reading the New York Times for my Knicks/NBA news. I just can’t take it any more.

I love their coverage of my Knicks, but I can’t take these popovers. It’s just not worth itI’M DONE! Look at the screen shot below (click on it for a larger version).

nytimes knicks

How am I supposed to deal with this every day??! It’s abusive. It makes me hate the advertiser and the NYTimes. HSBC take note: THIS IS HURTING YOUR BRAND! NYTIMES: I know you have huge offices and huge salaries you have to pay, but come on do you have to smack us like this? You’re making a ton of money you’re above popups and popovers. At this point your advertising practices are putting you right next to adware and spammers in my book. Not as badbut very close!

Given the fact that a) I feel like I’m really being abused, b) I love the NBA, and c) I’m preparing for our next wave of blog launches I’ve got just one question:

  • Anyone want to blog about the NBA?!?!?!?

At this point it’s easier to just start your own brand then deal with the NYT. If you’re thinking like me then send Judith and I your samples and let’s get a viable option out there that doesn’t abuse the readers like the NYT.

If you’re interested just email us three sample blog posts about the NBA to:
Judith at weblogsinc dot com
Jason at weblogsinc dot com

Do it in blog format like www.tvsquad.com, www.engadget.com, or www.autoblog.com (in other words, in your voice with the 100-250 word, one photo and a link format).

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