The Dell Rule: Treat bloggers really well

Jeff Jarvis has documented exactly how horrible Dell customer support can be. I’ve had great experiences with Dell computers, but their customer service has been HORRIBLE. Jeff is 100% correct about that.

I bought a monitor from them recently and they took weeks to get it to me, didn’t tell me about the delay when I bought it, and their customer support folks didn’t communicate well with me at all. At the end of the day the offered me some free speakers for my troubleTHEN NEVER SENT THEM! I had to send in the emails with the promise of the free speakers twice before they finally sent them.

My advice to Dell? Send Jarvis a new machine (you should have done this a while ago) while you figure out what is wrong with the product. The reply to him ON HIS BLOG with an apology, explanation of why there was a breakdown, and permission to show him how good your service can be by making his in house service free.

Dell should look at Jarvis going off on them as FREE CONSULTING. Jarvis is a highly-paid consultantbe thankful you got his services for free!

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