New York Wi-Fi

Andrew is doing the job of public advocate for New York City before he even wins the job. This is brilliant great, free wi-fi for the greatest city in the world! Sign the petition after the jump!

Dear Jason,

Do you want your Wi-Fi?

Are you, like me, excited by the growing possibilities of new information technology and frustrated by how slowly our city government is moving to embrace them?

Are you outraged by the fact that children in South Korea have better and faster access to the Internet than kids in the South Bronx, and even kids in SoHo?

Do you think it’s fair for Verizon, Cablevision and Time-Warner to charge working families $600 a year for a connection that is ten times slower than what you can get in Tokyo?

Are you ashamed by the fact that our schools are ranked 41st in the country in the use of computers in education?

Do you want to fall behind our neighbors in Philadelphia and Boston as they bring wireless

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