Frank nails two important points about WIN

Frank nails two important points about what we are doing: 1. You can subscribe to very, very niche feeds like your favorite director or your cellphone model and 2. When we add a new blog we don’t need to find that many new bloggers (i.e. DownloadSquad is almost all existing WIN bloggers):

Using RSS for niches in niches Blog-preneur Jason Calacanis is exploiting the ability of Really Simple Syndication technology to deliver very personalized information.

Most RSS feeds by online publishers are categorized relatively broadly, by company or function., Weblogs Inc.’s blog about BlackBerry devices, offers data sliced and diced by telecom providers (Sprint, Nextel, etc.) and information relevant only to specific models of the popular handheld.

The newest Web log from Calacanis’ company has nearly two dozen RSS feeds. DownloadSquad’s categories include games, audio, design and video. The blog is very much a group effort, with 11 contributors most of whom, if not all, also work on other blogs in the network.

In other words, Calacanis has launched a new blog requiring virtually no additional staffers beyond the 106 bloggers he already has.

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