Four nice items: Time Magazine kudos, AlwaysOn, MIT Technology Review and a bunch of new bloggers!

It’s been a good three days here at Weblogs, Inc. HQ despite being sick like a dog.

1. TwoA Weblogs, Inc’s blog, Engadget and Autoblog made Time Magazine’s Top 50 Coolest websites. Nice job guys!

2. AlwaysOn announced their Open Media 100 which including sixyes sixWeblogs, Inc. Bloggers including Mark Cuban, myself, JD, Eric, Peter, and Barb. Judith and Wil made the honorable mentions list. The lists also included three former writers for Silicon Alley Reporter: Xeni, Clay, and Rafatthat makes me feel great. I love seeing former SAR folks doing great work.

3. Brian and I were profiled in MIT’s Technology Review in a very long and insightful piece.

4. We broke 100 active bloggers (dang I’ll be signing a lot of checks next month.. I can feel my hand cramping already!).

5. Judith is speaking at Blogher!

So, we’re 42% of the Time list, and 6% of the AlwaysOn list that feel pretty darn good. 🙂

Update: Made a mistake on that Time thing, someone had told me via IM and that two sites made the list and I didn’t double check it.

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