102 active bloggers….

Something strange happened over the past three weeks we added like 30 bloggers to the network and broke 100 active bloggers. I’m going to be writing a lot of checks next month!

One minute we have like 60-70 bloggers and then BOOMwe’re breaking 100.

Normally we add a 10 a month and one or two drop out. Something happened over the past couple of weeks and I can’t explain it but we just had like 200 people email us to blog and a lot of them were just amazing.

A year ago it took us two or three weeks to find a bloggernow it takes two or three days. I guess the pool of bloggers out there is growing. Also, I think our blogs and bloggers are so well respected that they are drawing people in. I have to say, being part of a blog like Joystiq, Autoblog, Divester, etc. is a ton of fun it’s like joining a club.

Judith, our editorial director, has been on fire. She is signing up a person a day. We got new folks all over the network, and the best part is most folks are blogging on more then one blog.

Right now we’re not focusing on the number of blogs we have but rather the number of bloggers, the quality of their posts, and how passionate they are. It’s just stunning.

If you want to join the team email jason at weblogsinc dot com and cc judith at weblogsinc dot com. we’re always looking for talented folks. You tell us what you want to blog about!

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