I hate the new Technorati design…

I gave it a week.
I tried to like it.
But. I hate it and I want my classic Technorati back!!!

What I don’t like about the new technorati:

1. cluttered
2. absurdly narrow column for the search results (uhh that’s what i’m here for people!)
3. did I mention cluttered?

Didn’t we learn anything from Google? I come to Technorati for one reason: quick, updated results. Now I’ve got 90% of the page filled with stuff I really don’t care about.

Technorati exists for one reason: it gets blog results faster then anyone else. If Google or Yahoo covered blogs as quickly as Technorati you would not see Technorati screens across all the laptops at tech conferences as people looked for the latest posts tagged Reboot7, Supernova2005 and PCForum.

That’s it. It’s a utility. it doesn’t need to be fancy. Fancy make it worse better results makes it better. That’s it.

In fact, given how poor the server performance has been with technorati all these extra stuff seems to be making the services SLOWER!

Dave: How about power user page that is really wide and has nothing but a tiny Technorati logo, the results, and whatever advertising you need to cover your costs?!? Call it htpp://poweruser.technorati.com.

This being said I’m a fan of the service. Thus the reason I’m upset.

Which did you like better the new or old Technorati?

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