Fun ways to get traffic with Krucoff

Krucoff is really talented guy who Gawker, FishBowlNY, and Weblogs, Inc. tried to hire to no avail.

Today Krucoff launched his own blog about crime. Not a bad idea weve looked at that concept (one little problem no advertising in that space except maybe people selling bail bonds). Well see how far AK can take it.

Anyway, I love Krucoffs clever idea of doing a blogrollbelowof every person you could think of thin the blogosphere. I liked this idea so much I figured I would cut and paste his list into this post and see if tomorrow I get a jump in traffic from everyone doing Technorati searches on their name.

This is the new way to get someones attention btw just link to their blog. Its like using the broadcast system on a corporate phone system: really annoying, highly effective. Of course, its not just the person youre linking to that you get. Nope, you get all the people who track that person. So, link to my blog and youll get another 75 folks who track any mention of me (think competitors, friends, stalkers, etc). Just by linking to someone you get the attention of everyone around that person.

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