Technorati Questions

Some quick questions about Technorati:

1. If I change my domain name will I lose my inbound links or if they follow me. (i.e. when we moved from to did we start over in terms of inbound links?). If you do have to start over is there a way to join the two domains with Technorati a change of address form if you will.

2. Does anyone know if you can look at historical data for a url? i.e. can I see many inbound links a day my blog has gotten? Seeing the trend would be amazing. Heck, why doesn’t Technorati show you this in a graph so you can see hot “movers” in the blogosphere. If Boingboing and Engadget get 25 links a day on average it would be cool to see that some new blog like TVSquad was averaging 25 a day. In fact, that is my biggest complaint about the 100 list on Technorati: it’s sooooooo old that it isn’t very valuable. I’d rather see the top 100 this year as the default 100 list, with “all time” being a list you can visit down the road.

3. Why are sources more important then links in the 100? Again, I think # of links is as important as sources since the more posts you have by source shows loyaltynot a bad thing. (of course # of different sources shows reach another good thing).

4. Why doesn’t the BETA site show the number of links?

5. Why does Feedster not have a top 100 list like Technorati? I’d love to compare those two lists!

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