Fred Wilson is my personal DJ

Fred Wilson and I have been friends since 96before I started Silicon Alley Reporter in fact! He taught me half of what I know about venture capital and startups back then (his wife taught me a bunch about sales and marketing as a side note).

However, now Fred has a new role in my life: he’s my personal DJ.

His family podcast is where I get my musical selections, and now Fred has been dumping (via a tag) choice tracks into a special RSS feed for me. ipodder just downloaded a really cool track and launched it into iTunes. I’m sitting here going “what the heck is that song?” and after tracking it back though ipodder I realized it’s my latest little treat from Fred.

Dang the world is really changing fast. If I had my choice I’d just tune into Fred iTunes hey, wait that’s a good idea for a startup. 🙂

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